Mayor and City Council

(L-R) Jerry Sweat, Rosie Williams, Larry Taylor, Bernita Lewis, Larry Waters, & Roger Boatright

Bacon Theatre on 12th Street

Movie tickets $6.00 & Concessions $2.00 and under

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As of November 06, 2020 from the Georgia Department of Health, Alma Bacon County has 638-confirmed Covid-19 cases (17-deaths). PLEASE continue to be dilengent in hand washing and SOCIAL DISTANCING to help keep the spread as low as possible. Mayor and Council are treating this with the upmost importance to help keep our community safe. We will keep our community informed as soon as we recieve information.

Let’s take action Alma, let’s wear a mask when  we are inside a building or closed spaces around others, make sure and wash hands as often as possible, use hand sanitizer often when washing hands is not easily accessible, please respect others with social distancing. Let’s get these numbers under control by doing all we can as individuals and protecting people with low immunity. By wearing mask we show respect to the people around us.107600856_3603497079680420_8281789930538696589_n